Award-Winning Classes for Babies,Toddlers & Mums in Mid Ulster.

Blooming Kids NI is a family-led business near Magherafelt delivering 1-2-1 sessions and 6-week courses for parents/carers, babies and toddlers in Baby Massage, Yoga, Sign Language (Sign2Music), Reflexology and fun Environmental programmes for toddlers.


Baby Massage

For babies from birth to 7 months.
Great for soothing colic, reflux or teething pains, this course is a ‘must do’ for learning techniques that will help settle your little one and promote good sleeping habits.

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6 Week Course - £45

Perfect for introducing your little one to the world, the course combines a mixture of massage, reflexology and baby sign language, making it very interactive and fun for your little one (and yourself!)

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Baby Yoga

For babies from 5 to 12 months.
This 6-week course is fantastic for slightly older babies and is the perfect transition from Massage.

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6 Week Course - £45

There’s a lot more to explore in this course to help stimulate and develop a little explorer. Each class includes some gentle movement, reflexology, signing, singing and sensory play, and finish with a simple craft to take away as a keepsake of your baby’s development.

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Movers And Groovers

For 1 to 2 year-olds. Once your babies are on the move, they need an interactive class to keep them entertained! This course includes Sign Language to help your little one’s communication and reduce tantrums.

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6 Week Course - £45

Themes include Mealtime, Emotions, Bedtime and more. It also includes music, sensory play and introduces storytime. It is also great for socialisation as it encourages children to meet others of the same age.

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For 2 to 4 year-olds and Nursery Schools.
This course provides a perfect setting for your little pre-schooler to make new friends and develop confidence. Each week focusses on an environmental theme such as; Weather, Animals, Mini-Beasts etc. and incorporates relevant Sign Language along with music, storytime and crafts.

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6 Week Course - £45

Each class includes some outdoor time if the weather permits and follow up ‘home- learning’ on the week’s theme.

Nursery Schools – The Eco Tots course supports the NI Foundation Level Curriculum through ‘The World Around Us’ and can help achieve your school’s Eco Flag Award. If you are interested in booking a visit, please contact me for more information.

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Baby & Toddler Sign Language

Licensed viaSign2Music.
Every Blooming Kids NI course includes an element of Baby and Toddler Sign Language. Research shows that learning some basic sign language not only improves speech development but also helps to reduce tantrums as they are able to communicate their needs easier.

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6 Week Course - £45

Many mums have found that learning and practising Sign Language in class has helped their little ones develop as it is a multi-sensory activity. It is excellent for bonding with your child and also with their siblings as it is fun for them to communicate with each other. I am the licensed Sign2Music (provide link here) for Mid Ulster and teach British Sign Language (BSL) which is what the majority of Northern Irish deaf community use.

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In Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes there is an element of reflexology practised. Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy using finger tips and thumb to apply pressure on special parts of your baby’s feet which correspond to all parts of the body.

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6 Week Course - £45

Using reflexology can help settle and soothe minor ailments such as; colic, reflux, constipation, teething and common colds. Each stroke is done to song or nursery rhyme and is very relaxing and enjoyable for both you and your baby. Many babies even fall asleep during the session!

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What Mums Are Saying About Blooming Kids NI

“I really can’t recommend these classes highly enough! We did one set of baby massage, then one set of baby yoga, and we loved them so much that we have signed up for another set! Classes are great for bonding with your little one. Naomi is really fantastic at her job, such a lovely personality and so welcoming. It’s also great to meet new people and mix with other mums. If you have a new baby sign up to blooming kids NI!”
Shauna Keenan, Tobermore

“Just finished our second course at BKNI and can’t recommend it enough. I found it quite difficult to find local activities for Rachel and myself that we could actually engage in due to her age but blooming kids was just perfect for us. The baby massage, reflexology and sign to music course is not only brilliant for helping with symptoms of reflux and teething but also great fun. Naomi is very welcoming, friendly and super at her job.”
Ruth McDowell, Magherafelt

“Just about to start our 3rd Eco Tots course. Cannot say enough good things about this class. We absolutely love it. So much fun and very educational…. mummies even learn a thing or two. Lots of friends and memories made at these fabulous classes.”
KerryAnne O'Loughlin, Magherafelt
We started baby massage at 3 months old for 5 weeks followed by baby yoga classes for 5 weeks. Loved both the classes! Couldn’t recommend them enough! My wee one loved it too and it was great having a cuppa and a chat with naomi and the other mummies after it!
Brenda McGlone, Moneymore
These are fantastic classes. Kate & I completed two 5 week blocks & we loved it. The baby massage is great for calming your baby & Kate loved the music & craft in the classes too. Naomi is great, so friendly & welcoming. This is a must for any mums on maternity leave.
Judith Hamilton, Desertmartin
We’ve really loved our baby massage class! So much so we’ve signed up again! Amazing bonding with baby and great little tips to help keep baby happy and comfortable. Ive also taught it to hubby at home and he loves it too! Can’t wait to try the other courses when Sarah is old enough!
Anita Kenning, Maghera

About Blooming Kids NI

Hi, I’m Naomi Palmer, a local mum of two and I run Blooming Kids NI, an Award Winning family-led business near Magherafelt delivering 1-2-1 sessions and 6-week courses for children from Babies to pre-schoolers and their parents/carers.

I run courses in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Sign Language (Sign2Music), Baby Reflexology, Movers and Groovers and Eco Tots (fun Environmental programmes for toddlers).  All courses are very beneficial to children as they are very social and relaxed but also educational. They are held in my baby studio, a specially adapted room with soft flooring so you can relax with other mums in a safe and happy environment. I welcome parents with all parenting styles and each mummy is respected and made to feel confident and happy with their parenting choice.

With the loyal support of local mummies, Blooming Kids NI is going from strength to strength and has a growing and active community of local mums. It was awarded NI4Kids Family Friendly Business of the year in 2015, a great achievement for a new business and Mid Ulster families.

Naomi Palmer
BKNI 003

The Benefits of Baby and Toddler Classes

  • Can increase a mum’s awareness of her baby’s needs and support their early bond

  • Helps mums become more confident in handling their child and better at recognising their needs.

  • Improved positive interaction with their baby.

  • A great way for partners, family members and carers to bond with baby.

  • Improved sleep for their baby.

  • Help you and your baby understand each other better

  • Soothe babies and reduce crying

  • Aid digestion and help relieve colic, wind and constipation

  • Help babies to sleep more deeply and for longer

  • Relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort

  • Help develop good muscle tone, co-ordination and suppleness

  • Enhance body awareness

  • Boost the immune system

  • Improve skin texture

  • Help calm and relax both parent and baby

  • Boost parents’ confidence in handling their baby

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