Baby Massage

For babies from birth to 7 months.

When: Fridays at 10am
Next Session Starts: Friday 31st January 2020
Duration: Runs for 6 weeks

Great for soothing colic, reflux or teething pains, this course is a ‘must do’ for learning techniques that will help settle your little one and promote good sleeping habits.

Perfect for introducing your little one to the world, the course combines a mixture of massage, reflexology and baby sign language, making it very interactive and fun for your little one (and yourself!)

Mum Doing Baby Massage With Her Baby

Baby Yoga

For babies from 5 to 12 months.

When: Tuesdays at 10am
Next Sessions Start: Tuesday 7th January 2020
Duration: Runs for 5 weeks

This 6-week course is fantastic for slightly older babies and is the perfect transition from Massage.

There’s a lot more to explore in this course to help stimulate and develop a little explorer. Each class includes some gentle movement, reflexology, signing, singing and sensory play, and finish with a simple craft to take away as a keepsake of your baby’s development.

Mums doing baby yoga with their babies

Movers And Groovers

For 1 to 3-year-olds.

When: Wednesdays at 10am
Next Sessions Starts: Wednesday 29th January 2020
Duration: Runs for 5 weeks

Once your babies are on the move, they need an interactive class to keep them entertained! This course includes Sign Language to help your little one’s communication and reduce tantrums.

Themes include Mealtime, Emotions, Bedtime and more. It also includes music, sensory play and introduces storytime. It is also great for socialisation as it encourages children to meet others of the same age.

Preschoolers dancing with bubbles

Eco Tots

For 2 to 4-year-olds and Nursery Schools.

When: Fridays at 10am
Next Sessions Start: Friday 10th January 2020
Duration: Runs for 5 weeks

This course provides a perfect setting for your little pre-schooler to make new friends and develop confidence. Each week focuses on an environmental theme such as; Weather, Animals, Mini-Beasts etc. and incorporates relevant Sign Language along with music, storytime and crafts.

Each class includes some outdoor time if the weather permits and follow up ‘home- learning’ on the week’s theme.

Nursery Schools – The Eco Tots course supports the NI Foundation Level Curriculum through ‘The World Around Us’ and can help achieve your school’s Eco Flag Award. If you are interested in booking a visit, please contact me for more information.

Preschoolers learning about wildlife